Mission Statement & Goals

The mission of the Union School District is to enrich the community through learning. We are dedicated to children: to involve the community, to anticipate challenges; to take advantage of opportunities; and, to guarantee vital skills for all our children to pursue lifelong learning and become productive citizens.

In support of its educational mission, the District will:

  • Emphasize a safe, nurturing, child-centered environment in which all students will succeed.
  • Enhance the educational climate by encouraging and facilitating the active participation of parents and community in the conduct of our mission.
  • Maximize the level of student achievement through the establishment of challenging and measurable standards that accommodate the needs of all student population.
  • Ensure the future viability of the District by providing for the effective, efficient utilization of District facilities and resources through prudent creative investing, pursuit of alternate revenue sources, and striving to balance expenditures with revenues annually.
  • Articulate curricular programs and special projects with Campbell Union High School District to ensure a seamless transition for our students.
  • Expedite the utilization of technology to enhance and support the instructional program.